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Ana is partner of the firm GA Barcelona

GA barcelona is a member of Guiding-Architects, the international network for architectural guided tours. As such it has been organizing tours in Barcelona since 1994.

GA Barcelona offers architectural guided tours and special events in the field of architecture and urban planning of Barcelona. These are efficiently conducted and logistically drawn up, so as to bring you a closer view of architecture, urban planning, art and culture and their sociopolitical context. Our strength lies in the field of contemporary architecture and urban landscape. The tours are oriented to a public specialized in the field of architecture: architects, urban planners, landscape architects, but also construction firms, real estate organizations, housing cooperatives, politicians, city authorities, planning authorities, students of architecture and landscape architecture, etc.

The members of GA Barcelona stand out for their professional skills both in architecture and in the organization of their guided tours. They develop their professional activity as architects in their place of residence; they are familiar with specific realities, keep a close relationship with the local architectural scene and are therefore able to make concrete recommendations regarding places to visit.

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