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2004 - Present
Own practice estudio KAW from January 2013
Partner at KAW taller de arquitectura SL, 7 years
A year experience in different architectural offices of Barcelona

2000 - 2004
Collaboration with local architectural offices in Cambridge
Projects of renovation and restoration of the ancient Colleges of the city of Cambridge and residential projects

1990 - 2000
Ten years of professional practice
All residential buildings are Social Housing Projects
- 33 apartments for young people, Zuidwolde, Drenthe
- 23 apartments for young people and home for old physical and mentally disabled people, Bedum, Groningen
- 9 family houses, Badstratenbuurt, Groningen City Centre
- 20 apartments for old people and a basement of shops, Badstratenbuurt, Groningen City Centre
- Home for a group of hearing disabled people, Noorderbuitensingel, Groningen City Centre
- Complex of 88 new and renovated senior apartments, Linnaeusplein, Groningen City Centre
- 288 apartments distributed in 8 buildings originally built with Aireyflat prefabsystem - Postwar II 1950, Sterrenbuurt, Hengelo
- Complex of 44 family houses and 20 houses for seniors, Ruskenveen, Groningen
- Flat renovation of 400 apartments, Perim Flat, Zaandam
- 20 senior apartments, Hora Siccamasingel, Groningen
- 25 dwellings complex divided in 5 buildings, Dwingeloo, Drenthe
- Half-underground public library, Marsdijk, Assen
- Multifunctional Centre, Heechterp, Leeuwarden
- Complex of 10 new and 7 renovated dwellings in a rural area for young light disabled people with coaching zone, Marum, Groningen
- Complex of 28 semi-detached family houses and 33 apartments for elderly people, Bachlaan, Zwole
- 44 semi-detached family houses, Heechterp, Leeuwarden
- Complex of 36 family houses, de Wijert Noord, Groningen
- Urban development vision for Maarsveld District in Stadskanaal (3.000 inhabitants)
- Urban development vision for the future of the entire city of Winschoten ( 18.500 inhabitants)
- Design vision and layout for the station neighbourhood of Lelystad
- Urban Plan for a Dutch mound village in Holland Michigan, USA
- Guest Lecturer at the Akademie van Bouwkunst, Groningen

1987 - 1990
Postgraduate study CEAA (Etudes Approfondies en Architecture) at L’Ecole d’Architecture de Bordeaux
Collaboration with local architectural offices in Bordeaux

1982 - 1987
Collaboration in projects as residential, commercial, facilities and gastronomic architecture, for local architectural offices in Buenos Aires
Teaching architectural design, for students of the 3th year at the Facultad de Arquitectura de la Universidad de Buenos Aires

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