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Third Price Open Competition "Christmas lights". Lighting design for the street Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes. Sponsored by the City Council of Barcelona, ES


Honorable Mention Public Competition "Het Vaneker". Design of 44 houses grouped in small cloisters integrated into the typical Dutch landscape of the area. Organized by the Municipality of the city of Enschede, NL.


Honorable Mention Public Competition of the new "National Museum of Architecture". Rehabilitation project of the former building of the Bank of Spain. Initiative of the Spanish Ministry of Housing, Salamanca, SP.


First Prize Competition "Elisabethstraat", by invitation. Project of 65 social houses, a residence for senior people and the landscape design of the whole area. City of Hengelo, NL.


First Prize Public Competition for the "Monument to the defense of the river Ebro". The monument symbolizes the fight against the transfer of the river and the prize was awarded for his poetic composition. "The cry of the Ebro", Tortosa, SP.


First Prize National Competition "A prominent roof", awarded by the special structural torsion of the vegetal roof. Project of 20 new social dwellings. Dwingeloo, NL.


Third Prize Public Competition "Children's Square". Urban Design Project for a small park of the city of Rotterdam, awarded by the "NAI" Netherlands Architecture Institute. Rotterdam, NL.


Honorable Mention Public Competition "City Spaces". Rehabilitation of the Museum Square of the city of Drachten. Urban design project for the central square of the city. Drachten, NL.


First Prize Public Competition of Regional Planning "The future of the province of Groningen". Vision for the future of the northern region of the Netherlands.


Honorable Mention Public Competition "A house for the architecture". Project for the new School of Architecture of Groningen, NL.


First Prize Competition "The building of the future", by invitation. Integral renovation project of a building of the year 1969, 400 social apartments. Perim Flat, Zaandam, NL.


Olympics of Young Talent, invited to exhibit her projects at the Cultural Center City of Buenos Aires, along with other young Argentinian architects residing abroad, AR.


Honorable Mention Public Competition "Design and Interiors", awarded from the "CAYC" Architecture and Communication Center. Design of a Loft. Buenos Aires, AR.


Honorable Mention Public Competition "Coca-Cola in the Arts and Sciences". Project for a Futuristic Cultural Center for the year 2035. Buenos Aires, AR.


Honorable Mention Public Competition "Art in Ezeiza". Design for large murals in the International Airport Terminal of the city of Buenos Aires, AR.


First Prize Public Competition of Graphic Design. Publicity Poster for the First Latin American Congress of the Free Time, awarded by the "CAYC" Architecture and Communication Center. Buenos Aires, AR.

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